Skin Addiction Showcase

The Skin Addiction Group in Second Life is featuring the Skin Addiction Showcase event from May 25th to June 10th 2012. You still have time to hurry there and get some wonderful skins and gifts. You have to wear the Skin Addiction group tag to be able to receive the gifts.

I went to the event a few times so far and bought a few skins and also got some nice gifts. Let me show you what i got. Also. i would like that you tell me which skins you like the most.


I knew the name of JeSyLiLO but i never wore their skins because it's not the look i am looking for. I should say this skin is real pretty.

*L* Sapphire - Sunkissed - Pure/Cat

Leafy Skins is a store complety new to me and i am very surprised of the quality of their skins. Since i got this skin, i am wearing it almost all the time. It's one of my favorite. Here i am showing the 2 styles included in this pack (pure and liner).

While I was at this event, I received from Leafy this wonderful tanned skin. *L* Sapphire - Toffee - Sky (SA Gift)

Belleza- Lily V1 Skin showcase special edition

Here is one of my favorite skins of the event. Belleza... i love their skins. Here i am showing you the different skin tones and makeups included in the fatpack. Many more options are available.

.la petite morte. iris med m1

La petite morte is a store complety new to me. I was surprised last week to discover that this store is owned by Voshie, the owner of the Skin Addiction Group.

[HUIT] SkinAdiction's Gift

And now, here is another gift i received. Another store I didn't know before the event.

HS Chloe : Praline : True Love

Izzie's - Delusional Skin sunkissed

Another one of my favorite skins of the event.

{.essences.} Moana skin - Rosy Pale

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