Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hayabusa Design - Just feel the Nature with Wind, with Life

!!!  Visual Revolution, Wind in Mesh Plants  !!! Yes it's true ! Wind in Mesh Trees!

Prepare yourself to see true and smooth Wind Effect in Tree Mesh. A true Visual Revolution. Exclusive technology of Hayabusa Design / 3D&Dreams Software.

With no compromise about texture quality, no compromise about lag, zero lag warranty, no compromise about accuracy of the botanical geometry !!!

More : a menu let you control speed and amplitude of the Wind.

Check the video :

No more tears

Here's the item from Liv-Glam for 55L thursday. This dress comes in 4 patterns that you can see here on this photo and each pattern comes in 4 colors.

Hair Corner Cafe by little bones. NEW!
Skin Amaranth TSS02 *light rose* by Essences @ The Season Story NEW!
Dress No More Tears by [Liv-Glam] Boutique for 55 L Thursday NEW!
Shoes Gabrielle Heels Black by Slink
Necklace Jewelled Dragon's Egg by Maxi Gossamer

LumiPro HUD V3.3

Monday, April 14, 2014


Skin Amaranth TSS02 *light rose* brunette by Essences @ TDR FUSION NEW!
Hair tootsie - dark blondes by Analog Dog NEW!
Eyes Spectral Eyes in Evening by IKON
Dress Little Jeannie Dress By [Liv-Glam] K-Collection NEW! for 55 L Thursday
Necklace Jewelled Dragon's Egg by Maxi Gossamer
Hand and feet by Slink
Sandals Lotus Flower Blossom by Maxi Gossamer @ Collabor88 NEW!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Money on my mind

Hair Portland (Mesh) - Tiramisu by !lamb. @ Collabor88
Skin Marina - Afterglow: C2: Black Brow by [okkbye]
Eyes Spectral Eyes in Quicksilver by Ikon
Dress [SPRING14] Money On My Mind by [Liv-Glam] Boutique @ The Open Closet

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Hair Portland by !lamb. @ Collabor88 NEW!
Skin Harper TDRF01 *light rose* brunette by Essences @ TDR Fusion NEW!
Eyes Spectral in Quicksilver by IKON
Outfit  Olya - Black with Grey Leather by Asteria Creations NEW!
Shoes Hera Wrap Heel Black by Slink
Location Santa Maria Island