N-CORE Passion

A few weeks ago, N-Core released their new mesh feet, flat, medium and xtreme. Their texture is so realistic that you could say they are real feet. What I really appreciated from N-Core is the made the appliers for many skin stores. I can say that the appliers for the skins i wear are available already. No need for the many skin designers to make the appliers to fit with their skins.

I really like all the shoes N-Core already released for their feet.

N-Core Flip-flop for flat feet

N-Core Flats for flat feet

N-Core Galactic shoes for medium feet

N-core EDEN for N-core Xtreme Feet

N-Core Pumps for medium feet

N-Core pumps for xtreme feet

N-Core Embrace shoes for xtreme feet

Here's your limo to N-Core

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