Zoul Creations @ Skin Fair 2014

Hi! I feel so happy being part of the bloggers team for the skin fair this year. During the preview days before the event actually starts, I requested for a few review skin packs to some designers, even designers I didn't know.

As I am still blogging this event, everytime I open a pack, I am delighted by the skins I am discovering. For example, this skin from Zoul Creations : Cara. I first tried all the skin tones to see what the coverage from light to dark tones. I used the base skin without makeup.

After, i decided to look at the makeups. Oh wow! I love them. They are some of my very favorite makeups I have seen in my 6 years+ in SL.

What do you think of these wonderful makeups? I would surely try to make them for myself in real life! Heheh!

You can find Zoul Creations on Sim 1 @ Skin Fair 2014

Zoul Creations mainstore

Now, i am running to the mainstore!!!

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