Boats and Bikinis Expo..... starting tomorrow

Hi, I have the pleasure to announce you that the Boats & Bikinis Expo is starting tomorrow, July 25th. I just visited the sim and it's incredible. I was in a summery feeling. And there are big boats, small boats and some mmmmm sexy bikinis. I can't wait to wear a few of them.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing you all here at the Boats and Bikini Expo Lots of Stuff to see and do We at Jp Collections have something special in our hunt so you wont want to miss it Also we have a nice swimming area setup so get into your favorite swim wear and jump into some fun

    Special thanks go out to the event sponsors and the Bloggers that make it all happen

    Josh Piper Jp Collections C.E.O

  2. Ohh yesss, I can't wait to wear a bikini and jump in the swimming area!!