Hello everyone! You are wondering what is the title of this blog about? It's about LUMIPro, a lightening system that you can use in Second Life. You can adjust the position, the color, the intensity and the size of the lightening. Another great feature is your can adjust the eyes position of your model. LUMIPro is a must have. For more information, visit the website of LUMIPro.

Here is an example of what you can do with LUMIPro. On the first picture, I have the graphics set to ultra with shadows enabled. The windlight is set to midnight.

On the second picture, I used LUMIPro. I also want to mention I didn't use Photoshop at all, as in any of the pictures on my whole blog. I didn't change any settings in Second Life. They are the same as in my first photo.

For more information about LUMIPro, visit the website at

or visit the LumiPro World Headquarters in Second Life

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