Second Life is 11 years old

Yes, Second Life is 11 years old. For this, we created the biggest event of the year. A big party on 11 sims that runs from June 22 to 29. Yes you still have a few days to visit and enjoy! Here are the sims on the SL map. There are 243 exhibitors.... woaaaa! I love it.

During the event, there are a lot of activities you can attend.

*** The SL11BIG Hunt ***

The hunt will take place all over the eleven regions of the SL11B Community Celebration. This hunt is so BIG that there will be FOUR hunt paths… North, South, East, and West. And what a great way to see the celebration! Participating exhibitors will be showing the SL11BIG Hunt sign and will have a cool gift for you to pick up.

When you visit the celebration, look for the hunt signs. Then look around the participating exhibit for a gift box, with a cool FREE prize inside. Collect them all! See the sights! Bloat your inventory!

Map of the SL11BIG Hunt:
SL11BigHunt Trails Map

Landmarks of the Start-Points:

North Path

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