Under The Sea Expo - 1

Hi! Under The Sea Expo is on the run from June 20 to 26. As soon as I got there, I ran into some fantastic mermaid. They became my new friends. As soon, I wanted to be a mermaid too.

Ohhh my tail is growing. I thought it would have been painful, but not at all.

Yessss, now i am a mermaid!!

After that, I started my visit of the underwater world.

This mermaid AO is cool.

This underwater world is magic. It makes me think about my father who used to go underwater with his wetsuit and his oxygen tank when i was a kid. I bet this is not what he saw, but....this makes me dreaming.

Bye bye to my new mermaid friends. Feel free to contact me and say hi.

To visit The Under The Sea Expo....

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