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Hello everyone, I finally took my computer to the shop to have it fixed. It's the hard drive that crashed. They have to replace it. It's no fun, because all my bookmarks in internet explorer, all my emails that i have saved, all my blog photos are gone. Glad I have the ones on my flickr. Anyway, I will survive. Now I am using my old computer. It's a 5 or 6 years old one. My photos might not be as good quality, but they are better than I thought. I will do my best to keep blogging while my new computer is being fixed. It should take 2 to 3 weeks.

Last night, I was on Skin Addiction group chat and Sachi Vixen from Adam and Eve sent us a notice saying she released a new skin. All I could say is wow and I wanted to blog it. With Meghan skin, you get the freckles, hair bases, bare inner eyelid, cleavage enhancer and dehancer, eyebrows, and dimples on tattoo layers. So here it is.

AE Skins - Meghan T3 Baby Blue

AE Skins - Meghan T3 Bare

AE Skins - Meghan T3 Garden

AE Skins - Meghan T3 Magenta

AE Skins - Meghan T3 Scarlet

AE Skins - Meghan T3 Shortbread

What I am wearing

Skin : :AE: Meghan Skin T3 All
Shape : [PF] Kumi Shape (modified)
Hair : ""D!va"" Hair "Daria" (Type B)(Citrine)
Necklace : Donna Flora IANA 2 necklace

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